About Us

About Us

We first came upon Melwel Lodge in the spring of 2007 and completely fell in love with it, so we bought it!
While we initially purchased Melwel solely for a traditional family cottage experience, we soon realized there was a legacy that spanned 3 generations of Melwel summer family vacationers, families who year after year are drawn to this simple, rustic northern setting.

It wasn’t long into our first summer of discovery that we made the decision to preserve Melwel Lodge, and to welcome back our legacy families and newcomers who like us, wish to be transported to the rare, peaceful and uncompromised life of another era.

Please come, have a wonderful stay, and return to see us again!


It is our intention to maintain and preserve the Melwel environment as it was originally intended back in 1945: simple, rustic, and unpolluted, with pristine waters framed by rugged shore and forest. Preservation will be an ongoing effort here at Melwel, with new initiatives put into practice over time. Such “greening” and preservation initiatives will include all areas of lodge operations, including; laundry services, cleaning products, toiletries, insect management, boating/motor craft, restrictive auto use, providing bikes, carts and wagons for inter lodge mobility and transport, recycling and composting.

Please check this section regularly for updates on Stewardship initiatives.

Melwel Lodge, preserving legacies and creating new traditions.

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